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Instruction how to prepare an abstract for 41st EGAS

All abstracts for the 41st EGAS conference should be submitted before May the 1st, 2009. Abstracts must be written in English and must contain sufficient details to provide the reviewers a clear impression of the contents of the proposed contribution. Abstract acceptance will be confirmed by e-mail to the corresponding author by May the 15th, 2009.

Please prepare your abstract in LaTeX by modifying template available here. Sample figure, used in the template, is available here. A compiled version of the LaTeX format is available for preview as a PDF file. You can also download all of the above files, packed into one ZIP file.

Please use a filename for your abstract that starts with the name of the author expected to present the contribution (with a sequence number in case of many submissions) and the .tex signature (e.g. wasowicz1.tex, wasowicz2.tex). Please use the same procedure for your figure filename (e.g. wasowicz1-fig1.eps, wasowicz2-fig1.eps). Pack all the files using ZIP or RAR compressor (e.g. wasowicz.zip or wasowicz.rar) and submit your contribution by filling this form. Please note that if the file contains any kind of errors we may ask you to resubmit a corrected version. Only electronic submissions will be accepted and they have to be prepared using the template. Please note, that the size of the abstract is limited to one A5 page. The LaTeX source must be self-contained without any reference to any other external files or styles. Most of the LaTeX commands you will need to write your abstract have already been placed in the template file. Begin with examining this example and confirm that you can successfully process and print it using your local LaTeX software (more info on LaTeX). Assuming all is well, construct your own abstract by overwriting the sample content in the template file. The comments within the file provide guidance on how to proceed. All other LaTeX commands are also allowed.

Please while uploading the abstract indicate its research field.

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Contributed abstracts will be presented in afternoon poster sessions on Wednesday, July 8 (CP 1 - CP 112) and Friday, July 10 (CP 113 - CP 211), in the Main Building of Gdansk University of Technology, on the second floor.

Registered posters have a unique code indicating the day of presentation and the exact tackboard space on which it should be placed. You can check the code of your poster here.

Authors may set up their posters at 900 (earliest) on the day of presentation and must remove them no later than 1230 (latest) the following day.

Poster dimensions should not exceed 100 cm (W) by 120 cm (H), which makes them suitable for A0 format. Pins for attaching the posters will be available.