There are many hotels in Gdansk, which you can find using a webpage here or here. To make reservations or to obtain more information, please contact your hotel directly (except the Student's House no 1, where rooms should be booked by contacting the Local Organizing Commitee, see info below). Due to high-season in Gdansk in July, we recommend to book your accommodation as soon as possible. Typical prices in summer are in the range from 100 PLN to 300 PLN. Information about exchange rates of PLN (polish zloty) you can find here.

The main conference site will be at the main campus of the Gdansk University of Technology.

Below is a list of recommended hotels and budget accommodations in Gdansk.


  • Hotel Szydłowski
    • Single room - 293 PLN
    • Two-bedded room - 330 PLN
  • Dwor Prawdzica
    • Latest news: no more free rooms are available in this hotel!
    • Single room - 160 PLN (incl. breakfast)
    • Two-bedded room - 260 PLN (incl. breakfast)
    • You can reach the conference venue with a direct tram no 6, starting at the balloon loop located 500 m from the hotel
    • Buses will be provided in the morning for participants during the conference
  • Hotel Gdansk
    • Rooms are guaranteed for 10 participants when booking till 30.04.2009, using the password "EGAS 2009"
    • Single room - from 600 PLN (incl. breakfast)

Budget accommodations

  • Student's House no 1
    • Deadline for booking rooms in the Student's House no 1 is Friday, July 3!
    • 40 single rooms available for participants at 65 PLN per room (breakfast not included)
    • 40 two-bedded rooms available for participants at 90 PLN per room (breakfast not included)
    • To book a room, send an e-mail to paw@mif.pg.gda.pl and provide your details (name, room type, arrival and departure dates). You will receive an e-mail with confirmation in a few days.
    • Payment will be accepted only in cash at arrival in the Student's House.
  • School Youth Hostels
    • Latest news: no more free rooms are available in these hostels!
    • Two-bedded room - from 40 PLN (per person / night)
    • Four-bedded room - from 30 PLN (per person / night)
Interactive map of the recommended accommodations:

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