Invited speakers


Plenary lectures

  • Michael Allan - Quantitative experiments on electron-molecule collisions
  • Alain Aspect - Hanbury Brown and Twiss and other atom-atom correlations: Advances in quantum atom optics
  • Martina Havenith-Newen - Ultracold chemistry as observed by high resolution spectroscopy in helium nanodroplets
  • Klaus Jungmann - Precision parity and time reversal experiments with trapped radioactive isotopes
  • Ursula Keller - Attosecond angular streaking and sub-100-attosecond tunneling ionization dynamics
  • Dieter Meschede - Controlling interactions of single neutral atoms
  • Silke Ospelkaus - Ultracold polar molecules
  • Thomas Stöhlker - Atomic physics in strong fields: precision experiments with stored and cooled highly charged ions
  • Xavier Urbain - Dissociative recombination of small molecular ions: the spectroscopic frontier
  • Eberhard Widmann - Precision spectroscopy of antiprotonic atoms and antihydrogen
  • Anton Zeilinger - Photonic entanglement - from fundamentals to applications and back

Progress reports

  • Charles Adams - Light interaction in Rydberg ensembles
  • Konrad Banaszek - Realistic quantum-enhanced interferometry
  • Aigars Ekers - Interferences in the Autler-Townes effect
  • Artem Rudenko - Few-electron dynamics in intense short XUV pulses studied with coincident momentum spectroscopy
  • Janne Ruostekoski - Nonlinear resonances and dynamics of atomic Bose-Einstein condensates
  • Alejandro Saenz - Molecules in intense ultrashort laser pulses
  • Tobias Schätz - Scaling Quantum Simulations in Ion Traps
  • Stefan Willitsch - Chemical applications of laser- and sympathetically cooled ions in ion traps