The scientific program will consist of Plenary Lectures (PL, 45 minutes, including discussion), Progress Reports (PR, 30 minutes, including discussion) and Contributed Papers (CP, 15 minutes, including discussion) selected for oral presentation from the contributed abstracts. Plenary Lectures are of general interest to all participants. Progress Reports and Contributed Papers will be arranged in four parallel sessions, and describe recent work in particular subfields. The contributed posters will be presented in two afternoon sessions (Wednesday - Contributed Papers from 1 to 112, and Friday - Contributed Papers from 113 to 211).

Plenary Lectures, Progress Reports and oral presentations of Contributed Papers will take place in the following lecture halls: Auditorium Novum (AN) of the Gdansk University of Technology, Auditorium of the Electrotechnical Engineering (EE) of the Gdansk University of Technology, and Building of Law and Administration (LA) of the University of Gdansk. Please look at the Third announcement section for more information about locactions of the lecture halls.

Program in condensed, tabular form is available here (PDF format).

Tuesday, July 7

18.00-21.00Welcome party (inner courtyard, left entrance of the Main Building)
20.00EGAS Board Meeting (room 121 of the Main Building)

Wednesday, July 8

08.45-09.00Opening (AN)
09.00-09.45PL1 (AN), Alain Aspect, Chair: E. Lindroth
Hanbury Brown and Twiss and other atom-atom correlations: Advances in quantum atom optics
09.45-10.30PL2 (AN), Michael Allan
Quantitative experiments on electron-molecule collisions
10.30-11.00Coffee break
11.00-12.30Paralell sessions

11.00-11.30PR1 (AN), Alejandro Saenz, Chair: C. Bordas
Molecules in intense ultrashort laser pulses
11.30-11.45CP1 (AN), O.Yu. Andreev
Dielectronic recombination of H-like highly charged ions
11.45-12.00CP5 (AN), D. Banaś
Enhancement of radiative recombination of U92+ ions with cooling electrons for the lowest n=1 and n=2 states
12.00-12.15CP72 (AN), Ch. Novotny
Precision spectroscopy on a fast lithium ion beam for a time dilation test
12.15-12.30CP97 (AN), L.R. Moore
Two electron positive ion response to an intense x-ray pulse

11.00-11.30PR2 (EE), Janne Ruostekoski, Chair: L. Pruvost
Nonlinear resonances and dynamics of atomic Bose-Einstein condensates
11.30-11.45CP11 (EE), A. Borgoo
The density function for atoms in second quantization, addressing the symmetry
11.45-12.00CP19 (EE), Ph.V. Demekhin
Recoil by Auger electrons: theory and application
12.00-12.15CP118 (EE), V. Batteiger
Precision spectroscopy of the 3s-3p fine-structure doublet in Mg+
12.15-12.30CP196 (EE), B. Schabinger
Towards a g-factor determination of the electron bound in highly charged, medium-heavy ions

14.30-15.15PL3 (AN), V. Bendkowsky, Chair: G. Tino
Observation of ultralong-range Rydberg molecules
15.15-16.00PL4 (AN), Xavier Urbain
Dissociative recombination of small molecular ions: the spectroscopic frontier
16.00Conference photo, main entrance to the Main Building
16.00-19.00Poster session (CP1-CP112)
20.15-21.00Public lecture (LA), Pawel Horodecki, Chair: J Kwela
Quantum information - why it is fascinating (abstract)
21.00-22.00Evening refreshments

Thursday, July 9

09.00-09.45PL5 (AN), Anton Zeilinger, Chair: F. Merkt
Photonic entanglement - from fundamentals to applications and back
09.45-10.30PL6 (AN), Ursula Keller
Attosecond angular streaking and sub-100-attosecond tunneling ionization dynamics
10.30-11.00Coffee break
11.00-12.30Paralell sessions

11.00-11.30PR3 (AN), Artem Rudenko, Chair: M. Godefroid
Few-electron dynamics in intense short XUV pulses studied with coincident momentum spectroscopy
11.30-11.45CP114 (AN), D.Z. Kandula
XUV frequency comb spectroscopy
11.45-12.00CP152 (AN), S. Heinäsmäki
Large linear magnetic dichroism in laser–excited K atoms
12.00-12.15CP10 (AN), A.F. Borghesani
IR luminescence of Xe2 excimers produced in dense Xe gas by electron impact
12.15-12.30CP93 (AN), T. Stacewicz
Detection of fluorine with Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy

11.00-11.30PR4 (EE), Charles Adams, Chair: N. Vitanov
Rydberg dark states
11.30-11.45CP60 (EE), R. Le Targat
Towards a Raman Quantum Memory with Bose-Einstein Condensates
11.45-12.00CP65 (EE), J.P. Marler
A coherent multi-mode light-matter interface based on a ion Coulomb crystal in an optical cavity
12.00-12.15CP99 (EE), K. Vaseva
High resolution laser spectroscopy of Cs vapor layers with thickness variation around the light wavelength
12.15-12.30CP127 (EE), Q. Bodart
Cold Atoms gravimeter

13.30-18.00Excursion to Malbork Castle
20.00-23.00Conference dinner

Friday, July 10

09.00-09.45PL7 (AN), Martina Havenith, Chair: W. Ernst
Chemistry at ultracold temperatures: Observation of the smallest droplet of acid
09.45-10.30PL8 (AN), Dieter Meschede
Playing quantum marbles, or how often do atoms interfere with themselves?
10.30-11.00Coffee break
11.00-12.00Paralell sessions

11.00-11.30PR5 (AN), Aigars Ekers, Chair: H. Hotop
Interferences in the Autler-Townes effect
11.30-11.45CP86 (AN), V. Richardson
A brief review of recent experiments undertaken at FLASH
11.45-12.00CP82 (AN), M. Puchalski
Calculations for lithium-like systems with explicitly correlated functions

11.00-11.30PR6 (EE), Stefan Willitsch, Chair: A. Weis
Chemical applications of laser- and sympathetically cooled ions in ion traps
11.30-11.45CP201 (EE), F. Sorrentino
Gravity measurements with cold atom interferometry
11.45-12.00CP171 (EE), P. Knowles
Laser-driven Cs magnetometer arrays for magnetic field control in an nEDM experiment

12.00-12.30General Assembly (AN)
12.30-14.30Lunch + EGAS Board Meeting
14.30-16.00Paralell sessions

14.30-15.00PR7 (AN), Tobias Schätz, Chair: M. Charlton
Scaling quantum simulations in ion traps
15.00-15.15CP172 (AN), M. Koch
Electron-Spin resonance and Rabi oscillations on Helium nanodroplets
15.15-15.30CP179 (AN), S. Nic Chormaic
Probing cold atoms using tapered optical fibres
15.30-15.45CP29 (AN), A.V. Glushkov
Bound beta-decay and decay of isomeric states for fully ionized atoms and astrophysical nucleosynthesis
15.45-16.00CP209 (AN), M. Zeppenfeld
Opto-Electrical Cooling of Polar Molecules

14.30-15.00PR8 (EE), Konrad Banaszek, Chair P. Barker
Realistic quantum-enhanced interferometry
15.00-15.15CP110 (EE), Józef E. Sienkiewicz
Highly-excited electronic states of the lithium dimer
15.15-15.30CP151 (EE), M. Hamamda
Negative refraction of matter-wave
15.30-15.45CP153 (EE), A. Grochola
Photoassociation of LiCs in the rovibrational ground state
15.45-16.00CP197 (EE), M. Schäfer
Millimetre wave spectroscopy of high Rydberg states of xenon: hyperfine structure and Stark effect

16.00-19.00Poster session (CP113-CP211)
20.00-21.30Organ concert in Oliwa Cathedral

Saturday, July 11

Minisymposium, Chair: K. Pachucki (for the whole minisymposium)
09.00-09.45PL9 (LA), Thomas Stöhlker
Atomic physics in strong fields: precision experiments with stored and cooled highly charged ions
09.45-10.30PL10 (LA), Eberhard Widmann
Precision spectroscopy of antiprotonic atoms and antihydrogen
10.30-11.00Coffee break
11.00-11.45PL11 (LA), Klaus Jungmann
Precision parity and time reversal experiments with trapped radioactive isotopes
11.45Conference close (LA)